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Witch 'N Bitch

Jun 19, 2020

Get ready, single people, because juhannus/midsommar/Midsummer is here! It's time to go into the nature, swim in a lake naked at midnight and pick seven different flowers to find your future soulmate!




Jun 6, 2020

Join Pyry on a journey into the witch trials of Pärnu, Estonia. Unlike other European trials, the ones in Estonia were filled with werewolfes, marshes...and men?! Get ready for way-too-many-names, the earliest example of kink shaming, snitching and Elena's part in the witches' sabbath.

Our Bewitching Best: "Don't Go...

May 13, 2020

This time it's Elena's turn to take us to Italy, as they talk about Charles G. Leland's disputed literary piece about the (Northern) Italian witch tradition, what the book contains and why it's now commonly disputed. Get ready to conjure a magickal lemon, Anti-Catholic sentiments, Lucifer "Not the Christian...

Apr 28, 2020

TW: Animal death, mild gore and mentions of sexual abuse

Travel back to Ancient Greece as Pyry shares he's research on the divination practices of the time as well as tries to answer the question: where were the female seers? Get ready for Alexander the Great, Pyry the Augur and Elena the Prisoner of Popular...

Apr 7, 2020

It's time for Elena's Magnum (Magnus?) Opus, the magical song tradition of the Finnish peoples! Also, get ready for great poem-singers, snobby scholars, the Finnish neighbourly hospitality and Kalevala metre: quite simple and a bit dull.

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