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Witch 'N Bitch

Feb 25, 2020

Get on your sled and come eat pulla with us, as in this minisode we explore the Finnish midwinter holiday, Laskiainen!




Feb 25, 2020

Pyry shares with us the history of witches in older films, having seen almost none of them. Episode also includes queer-coded villainesses, 1900s visual effects and a rant about the treatment of Tituba.

Remarkable Providences by The Whisperforge (

The Witch (1906)...

Feb 11, 2020

In this episode, Elena takes on a trip to their personal craft as a green witch as well as the general and complicated history of green witchcraft. Get ready for rocks, trees, your daily update from the provax community and much more!

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Our Bewitching Best: Medeia, an ancient...