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Witch 'N Bitch

Jan 28, 2020


"The unmitigated cruelty cats have received -- doubtless speaks volumes about the sexual insecurities of European males."

In this episode, Pyry shares with us the ups and downs of the history of cats and why they're so closely related to witches. There's also talk of Elena's...

Jan 14, 2020

Join us on a journey to a faraway meadow and enter Blåkulla, the Sabbath place of Swedish witches and the house of the Devil. Also, get ready for a feast with a little twist, intense wax play with the Devil, “MIRIAM!” and Elena losing their mind over Gorō Miyazaki.

Our Bewitching Best: Ian Worthington or...

Jan 10, 2020

CONTENT WARNING: loud firework sounds

Recorded on New Year's Eve, Elena kidnaps Pyry from their New Year's party to melt wax and do magic! With a tiny bit of information about molybdomancy (how do you even pronounce it?) scattered around, get ready for Metal Melting: Beeswax Edition, poisonous traditions, dragons, a...